We are common folks who are willing to help people live in India by delivering them all ongoing and upcoming schemes, projects, and yojna related news. Such as,

  1. Ins and outs explanation about the schemes.
  2. How to apply for them.
  3. What are the eligibility criteria.
  4. What are the benefits people should get under this scheme.
  5. To let people know about, whether the scheme is under state government or central government. Etc.

Because, we have seen a large part of people mostly unaware of all these schemes due to not arriving all these news timely to them and results in they deprived of all such benefits and facilities.

Which is why, it’s our little endeavour to gather all these ongoing and upcoming schemes and related news under one place and to reach them to the people through most easiest available ways.

Not only that, we also publish government (Both state and central) recruitment notices for the convenience of students community from time to time. So that, students can actively stick to up-to-date recruitment notices for applying them.

If any visitor to our site finds our articles very useful for them, our hard labour in collecting, presenting, and delivering this governemnt related news will then be succeeded.

Thank you.