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As you know, Permanent Account Number(PAN) is an extremely important card in India, typically for those individual who are willing to enter into economical or financial transactions where PAN is made mandatory.

No only that, A PAN may be required to open a bank account in many cases and to file income tax returns. Moreover, A PAN card can also be used as a valid identity proof in India.

Therefore, having a valid Permanent Account Number Card Can help you in many ways in future, especially when you enter into financial world.

Today, in this post we will walk you through every aspects of PAN and its related services. So, stay tuned with us till the end of this post to know in depth information.

Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card Details

Topic of DiscussionPAN Card Application and Related Services.
Issuing AuthorityAssessing Officer of the Income Tax Department.
ApplicantsAny Indian Citizens or Foreigners.
Mode of ApplicationBoth Online and Offline.
Dispatch ChargesRs. 107 to be paid for inside India, additional Rs. 910 to be paid for outside India.

What is Permanent Account Number (PAN)

PAN was introduced as per the Section 139A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 by the Government of India to facilitates and gathered all financial and transactional information of a person under one place.

It consists of ten-digit alpha-numeric number issued in the form of laminated card by the Income Tax Department. PAN makes sure department to link all transactions of a person with that department. This way, act as an identifier for the person with the tax department.

A typical PAN number is serialized this way – AFZPK7190K. Where, first three characters, for example “AFZ” are alpha-numeric characters that range from AAA to ZZZ.

Here, fourth character indicates type of PAN, i.e. individual, firm, association etc. Fifth character indicates last/surname of the holder, while next four characters indicate sequential number and the last character denotes alphabetic check digit.

Types of PAN Card

Few distinct types of PAN exist and their purpose are different, based on the entity who are applying for it. Below we have mentioned basic PAN types and how they differ from each other.

  1. Individual
  2. Foreigner
  3. Company
  4. Firm
  5. Trust
  6. Society
  7. HUF – Hindu Undivided Family

List of Benefits

A PAN card can benefit individual from various aspects. Keeping in mind user’s query we have tried to furnished and listed down major benefits one can anticipate to get from possessing a valid PAN card.

  • To file income tax returns.
  • To open a bank account.
  • Obtaining a credit card.
  • To open a digital bank account.
  • To open a demat account.
  • Deduction in taxation.
  • Buying foreign currency.
  • Obtaining a loan.
  • Trading in share market.
  • Purchasing and selling immovable property.
  • Purchasing or selling vehicle other than two wheeler.
  • Making payment in cash of amount more than 50,000 at a time.

These are the few major benefits one can expect to get by achieving a PAN card, although there are many more beyond this limit.

Eligibility Criteria

There are different criteria for different entities based on whether the applicant is Indian origin, foreigner, a firm, enterprise, or association etc. Followings are the major criteria –

  • Indian Individual: An Indian individual who wish to apply for PAN should have valid address, date of birth, and Id proof. Such as, aadhaar card, voter card, birth certificate etc.
  • Foreigner: A foreigner willing to apply PAN must possess valid proof of identity and proof of address. Such as, Passport, Person of Indian Origin (PIO), or Citizen Identification Number (CIN).
  • Firm or Comapny: Companies or firm who need PAN can apply with valid company registration certificate.

Documents Required for PAN

Typically, two types of document required to apply for PAN in India. Which are –

  1. Proof of Address
  2. Proof of Identity

Here, we have listed down documents which can be used as valid proof of address and proof of identity.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • An affidavit of HUF
  • Certificate of Registration

Online Application for PAN

Application for PAN can be done in two different ways. One is through online mode and other is offline. In this post, we will show you both the method.

Online Mode

In online mode, you will have two different websites to apply. Whatever website you choose the application method is same and equally valid. These two websites are –

  2. Utiitsl

Among the above two websites, first one is easy and straightforward to apply. Thus, we will show you online process through the first website.

Stage One
  • First visit Official website of NSDL.
  • By default, apply online tab is selected.
  • Now, choose application type, as shown below.
PAN Application Type
Stage Two
  • Again, select application category as per your need.
PAN Category
Stage Three
  • This time choose salutation for title of the entity. As shown below.
Individual Title
Stage Four
  • Now type in your first name, middle name and last name as per the document you will submit as proof of identity. At the subsequent section, put your DOB, email id and mobile number. Make sure to check if there is any spelling mistake left.
PAN Personal Details
  • This time, you will encounter a declaration checkbox.
  • Read the given instruction carefully and tick the check mark.
  • Fill out the captcha code properly.
  • Press the submit button as shown below.
Registered User
Stage Five
  • On the next step, you will receive an acknowledgement certificate with a token number.
  • Press on continue PAN application form link on this page.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you have to provide with more personal details information.
  • Now, choose how you want to submit the document. For instance –
    1. Forward application documents physically.
    2. Submit through digital signature.
    3. Submit digitally through e-sign.
  • On the same page, now prefer what documents you are going to provide as proof of identity, proof of address and proof of birth.
  • This time, confirm the declaration, place and DOB.
  • Now review and submit the form.
  • On the next stage, you will be taken to the payment page. Where you have to choose whether you willing to make payment through demand draft or online method.
  • If you choose demand draft, you will have to draw a demand draft in favour of as prescribed before you finishing the remaining process. As DD number, date of issue, amount and the name of the bank will be generated automatically on the portal.
  • If you select billdesk, you can pay through debit / credit card or net-banking.
  • Now tick mark the “I agree to the terms of service” and proceed to pay.
  • Once you done making payment, you will receive acknowledgement and payment receipt copy.
  • Here, print the both receipt copy for future reference.
  • In this stage, attach two recent passport size photograph of you to the acknowledgement slip.
  • Once the payment is confirmed, send the necessary documents to Protean eGov Technologies Limited.
  • After receiving your documents, Protean eGov Technologies Limited would start processing your application further.

Offline Method

In offline mode, applicant has to fill out a offline form named FORM49A. Which we have attached below for download. Fill out the form carefully and duly signed in, attached passport size photograph.

If you are an illiterate person then don’t worry, a box is given for thumb impression. Lastly, attached necessary documents as prescribed by the income tax department as identity proof, address proof, and date of birth proof.

Form 49A

By clicking the link provided here one can download Form 49a .

Customer Care Center

We think we have given all the information related to pan card but still if you find any difficulties or need more information regarding pan card you can contact at the below given helpline number and email address.

Contact Number

+91 33 40802999, 033 40802999

Email Address

[email protected]


9:00AM to 8:00PM (Open all days)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on PAN Card Online

Following are mostly asked questions by the applicant. Here, we tried to provide few basic questions with answers. Hope these questions would find people very helpful.

Is Permanent Account Number Card Necessary for Bank Account ?

Yes. Pan card is necessary for bank account. Because, before issue of Debit / Credit card a print copy of permanent account number card is required. Even, in some commercial bank one can’t open other account except basic savings account.

Is Permanent Account Number Card Link with Bank Account ?

By default, PAN card may or may not be linked with bank account. Because, it depends on when and what financial rules were valid at that time you open bank account. But in most the cases, when there is a required of pan card bank authorities may ask you to provide one.

Can PAN Card be Applied Online ?

Yes. PAN card can be applied both online and offline mode. For both online and offline, we have written an extensive article on how you can apply for PAN easily.

Is PAN Card Linked with Aadhaar ?

By default, Pan card is not linked with aadhaar. For this either you have to contact with respective bank authorities or you can directly link through online portal. Next one approach is easy and comfortable.

Can PAN Card be Used as Id Proof ?

Yes. As per goverment of India rules, a PAN card can be easily used as valid ID Proof in many cases.

Can PAN Card be Corrected Online ?

Yes. Permanent Account Number card can be corrected online through official online portal. For the sake of convenience we gave the link here.

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