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Application for voter card has now become very easy. Every citizen who has attained the age of 18 Y.O or above can apply for voter card just sitting at home following the below steps. You don’t need to go any cybercafe or government offices for this.

One of the most easiest way of voter card apply online. No other process are more easier than this method. Step by step process with images for voter card apply online.

Today, in this post we will uphold every aspect of how you can apply for voter card from the comfort of your home. So, please be patient and read the article till the end for in depth information.

As you know, voter card is a crucial identity card for every people who has recently attained 18 years of age and above for casting vote in various elections as conducted by state(s) and Election Commission of India.

Without voter card no one can take part in any election held in India. Not only that, it also plays an important role as the identity of Indian citizen.

Voter Card Apply Online 2022 Highlight

Name of SchemeApplication for Voter ID Card Online
Launched ByGovernment of India
BeneficiaryCitizens of India under the Age 18 or Above
ObjectiveMake Voter card Application Procedure Easy and Transparent
CategoryCentral Government Scheme
DepartmentElection Commission of India
Voter ID Card 2022 Highlight

Terminology of Voter card

A voter card in India may also be called in various name. Such as, EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card), Voter ID card, Voter’s card, Election Card, Identity card etc.

Sample Voter ID Card

Below you are viewing a sample voter card, you will get an alike voter card after successful application and approval.

Sample Voter Card
Viewing sample voter card

Information Contained in EPIC Card

Following information can be found in the front and back side of a official voter id card.

In front side of EPIC card includes

  • A unique Serial number
  • Photograph of the cardholder
  • A hologram containing the respective state/national symbol
  • Name of cardholder
  • Father’s Name of cardholder
  • Gender
  • Card holder’s date of Birth

In Rear Side of EPIC Card Includes

  • Residential address of the citizen
  • Signature of issuing authority (Electoral Registration Officer)
  • Card holder’s constituent assembly

Eligibility of Voter ID Card

An applicant must meet following eligibilities in order for apply new voter card.

  • Applicant must be an Indian citizen
  • Applicant’s age should be between 18yrs or above (not less than 18 Y.O)
  • Applicant must have permanent address

Documents Required for Voter Card Apply Online

Following are documents you need to keep in hand while you are applying for new Voter ID Card.

  1. Proof of identity
  2. Proof of address
  3. Passport size photograph

How to Apply for Voter ID Card

Application for EPIC card can be done in two distinct ways. One is through online portal 2. Second is through offline mode. In this post, we will look at both the means.

Before application in either way, make sure to keep necessary documents before hand. Because, photocopy or scanned copy of required documents to be needed at the time of filling up the form.

So, let’s start by offline mode first:

But before dive into deep, we recommend you to watch the following video till the end to get familiar with website’s interface along with the approach you would follow at the time of filling out the form.

Voter Card Apply Offline

In offline mode, you have to first collect FORM-6. You can download form-6 by clicking Form-6 link. And then fill up the form carefully and duly sign. Make sure whether you have filled everything correctly and then submit it to your nearest electoral registration office.

Download Voter Card Application Form

You can download voter card application form by visiting following links. Voter card form are found in two languages. We have given both the link below.

Download Voter Card Application Form in English
Download Voter Card Application Form in Hindi

Form-6 is also used for changing address or on shfting from one constituency to another constituency.

Voter Card Apply Online

In online mode, you have to first go to National Voter Service Portal (NVSP) portal. This portal has been started by government itself to enroll name in voter list from the comfort of citizen’s home using desktop, laptop or smartphone.

Once you enter the portal, click on login at the upper right corner. If you have not registered yourself before, you have to register yourself first clicking the below link written ” Don’t have account, Register as a new user “.

After creating your account, log in with your credentials. You will be presented with a screen looks like below.

Voter Card Application Login Page
Voter Card Application Login Page

If you have forgot your password what you had given at the time of account creation, you can reset it by clicking Forgot password ? – in this step.

Upon successful login, you will be provided with following interface/screen.

Voter Card Step Zero
Voter card Step Zero

Now look at the left menu and choose the topmost item written Fresh inclusion/Enrollment.

Once you click on, you will again be presented with a screen which looks like similar to above.

From here choose “I Reside in India” and also choose your state. Now click next.

As you can see, computer generated form includes multiple steps. One has to go through all these steps for successful inclusion of name in electoarl roll. It consists of total six distinct steps (You might find a little mistake there in the interface, due to that total steps is appearing seven skipping the step three).

Step Wise Application Procedure

We have furnished step-wise application procedure. On has to undergo all the following steps for proper and successful application. Notice them carefully.

Voter Card Application Step One
Voter Card Application Step One
Step One

After clicking next button in step zero, you will enter step one. Here you have to choose constituent assembly where you live. After that, enter your postal address details and upload your preferred document and choose appropriate document name from the right side drop-down menu.

You can also provide your family EPIC no. in the below box(If you have one) as shown above.

Now you have successfully completed step one, you will automatically go to step two once you click next in step one.

Step Two

In step two, you will require to enter your birth details, along with need to be uploaded age proof and choose type of document from the right menu. As shown below.

Voter Card Apply Step Two
Voter Card Apply Step Two
Step Three

Now you will enter into step three (Due to mistake, it is marked as step four). Here you will also find various options which you will have to fill up carefully. After filling all the blanks correctly, you need to upload a photograph of you in “jpg” or “jpeg” format having fill size not more than 2MB. No other file format are supported(As shown below). Now, click next to enter into next step.

Voter Card Apply Step Three
Voter Card Apply Step Three
Step Four

In step four, you are typically asked whether you are differently abled or not. If you are, then choose what kind of dissability is this among the three options. And if not, choose other, and also specify you are general healthy person. In the bottom two blanks, you may or may not enter your personal email ID and mobile no(as it is optional). But we suggest you to enter at least your mobile number to get necessary notification along the way from creating to dispatching your card (As shown below).

Voter Card Apply Step Four
Voter Card Apply Step Four
Step Five

Now, you have successfully done step five. Now it’s time to enter into declaration step. After entering into declaration step you will find two declaration boxes are given, which you have to tick mark. And then type the place from where you are applying for at the very bottom left box. In date box, date will automatically be fetched(as shown below). You don’t need to do anything.

Voter Card Apply Step Five
Voter Card Apply Step Five
Step Six

Congratulations! you have successfully fill out your form. Now it’s time to look through whatever you have put in so long in previous steps. So, be careful in this step to check in whether you have filled out everything accurately and appropriately. Once you are satisfied with what you have done, click on submit. But before click on submit, don’t forget to take a print out copy of the form. As shown below.

Voter Card Apply Step Six
Voter Card Apply Step Six

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can apply for voter card through online portal?

Any citizen who has access to desktop, laptop or smartphone can apply to through this online portal.

What are the minimum criteria required to be eligible for enrolling name in voter list?

As we told earlier, a citizen must be an Indian, a citizen must have attained 18Y.O or above. and should have permanent residential address.

How do we get the card ?

After successful application and approval, card will be dispatched through speed post. You don’t need to take any further step for this.

Are online and offline application same ?

No. Because, in online mode, an apllicant does not need to go anywhere for the submission of application. While in offline mode, an applicant must have to go in body to the registration office for its submission.

What form is essential for the application of voter card in offline mode ?

Form-6 is used for Application for Inclusion of Name in Electoral Roll for First time Voter OR on Shifting from One Constituency to Another Constituency.

Contact Details and Feedback

For details of eligibility criteria or any other additional information related to electoral forms, kindly visit Election Commission of India

For any other technical feedback or issues on the portal kindly send your feedback to ECI Technical Support.

ECI Technical Support Email

[email protected]

Toll free Contact Number


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